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What is the Green Key Eco Rating Program?

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a graduated rating system designed to recognize hotels that are committed to improving their eco-standards. Please View our Blog for a full explanation on the Green Key System.

Does the hotel offer secure parking?

We offer on-site parking on our CCTV-monitored above ground lot. At just $10.00 a night, it’s a parking rate hard to beat.

Although our lot is above ground and not covered or gated, it is in our experience safer than the alternatives. We find that covered and or gated parking garages offer a false sense of security as they offer cover for thieves. Unfortunately Vancouver and its surrounding municipalities do have a relatively high property crime rate, and a broken window is sure to put a damper on anyone’s vacation. Thankfully using common sense and locking your vehicle as well as removing any items inside your vehicle should enable you to avoid such a mishap; and of course the use of any anti-theft device is of help.

What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?

The hotel has a 48 hour cancellation policy, this means that you have until 2pm PST TWO days prior to check in to cancel your reservation free of charge. Cancellations made after this time are subject to cancellation fee of 1 nights accommodation plus taxes per room.

Is it true that it always rains in Vancouver?

Vancouver enjoys a relatively mild climate and although we are known as a rainy city we do see our share of beautiful weather. Vancouver experiences about 166 rain days per year. Generally we experience light rain for extended periods as opposed to heavy rain for shorter periods. When visiting Vancouver it doesn’t hurt to bring both your umbrella and your sunglasses.

If I don’t have a car can I get around?

Vancouver and its surrounding municipalities are connected by the skytrain (the world’s longest automated light rapid rail system) and a network of electric and disel busses.

The main downtown area of Vancouver is fairly small; spanning about 2 miles, so walking around downtown can be quite practical.

The hotel is situated on a major bus route and 5 busses heading in and out of the downtown core pass by the hotel. You can purchase tickets individually when boarding the bus, or purchase a transit day pass at nearby convenience stores for $9.75 which is good all day, in all 3 zones, on the bus, seabus and skytrain.

Looking for something other than a bus? There are also four taxi companies servicing Vancouver as well as multiple Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour companies.

Why are your rates so low?

The hotel was built in 1914 and reflects it’s age by the limited number of amenities and extras that we are able to provide in comparison to other chain properties, we thank our guests for their patronage by providing great rates. While we adhere to the same guidelines as other Canada Select rated properties in respect to cleanliness and maintenance we know you will be more than pleased with the value of our no frills accommodations. We believe in offering modest clean accommodation to those on a budget or to those who would just rather spend their hard earned money on other aspects of their vacation.

What’s the difference between budget, standard and deluxe rooms?

The main difference between budget, standard and deluxe rooms is price and size. Viewers should be mindful that our hotel was built in 1914 and the room sizes are consistent with hotels of that era, ie. the rooms are not as large as those of a modern day hotel. The physical difference in the rooms is as follows.

Budget rooms, our most economical, are perfect for guests satisfied with a compact room and window opening onto a light well.

Basic rooms are also compact but slightly larger than a budget, with a window that provides a limited view.

Our standard rooms are more spacious and offer a city view. In so far as budget, basic and standard rooms are compact so are the bathroom facilities. The sink is in-room with toilet & shower seperately enclosed.

Deluxe Queen, Triple, King, and Quad rooms are more comparable in size to a modern day hotel room, offering a city view & full sized bathroom, many with a bathtub & shower. All of our guest rooms feature private bathrooms, cable television, telephone, and WiFi. If a guest has multiple pieces of luggage and would find it conveniant to have surplus luggage out of the room, we will place it in storage.

What type of neighborhood is the hotel located in?

The hotel is located in Strathcona, Vancouver’s first and oldest neighbourhood that is rich in history, architecture and a diverse group of peoples. Strathcona is bordered by the second largest Chinatown in North America and Historic Gastown.

Is the neighborhood safe?

Strathcona is a safe neighbourhood, personal safety on average is 3-4 times greater in Strathcona than in the Downtown business district (according to Vancouver Police Statistics). Vancouver and surrounding municipalities are generally quite safe. Unfortunately Strathcona, like most areas of the lower mainland (including the downtown business district) has its share of social issues. One noticeable difference is that Strathcona offers a multitude of resources for people in need to receive help. Strathcona is home to clinics, shelters, missions and support groups where people in need can receive shelter, food, medical care, and assistance in dealing with difficult issues.

What restaurants are near by?

For starters the hotel’s pub, Pat’s Pub not only brews its own signature lager but the kitchen serves up some great food including beef brisket sandwiches smoked on-site over a traditional charcoal BBQ. Being on the edge of Chinatown there are a number of Chinese restaurants within a few minutes walk of the hotel. There is a great Vietnamese restaurant across the street and 3 small diners that are within a few minutes walk and perfect for an affordable breakfast. Vancouver is home to award winning restaurants and chefs offering great dining experiences in a variety of cuisines, many of which are within 1.5 miles of the hotel. For those long days of sightseeing and taking in some of the great experiences Vancouver has to offer there are numerous restaurants that will deliver directly to your room, saving you an excursion when you want to relax.