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Vancouver Park Board to Stream Live ‘Heron Cam’


Vancouver’s Stanley Park is home to one of North America’s largest urban colonies of Pacific Great Blue Herons and beginning today we’ll all have an opportunity to get up close and personal with them. The Vancouver Park Board launched a live webcam today which will allow us all to see inside their nests near the the Stanley Park tennis court.

Tune in often to watch these birds through their courtships and egg laying until the grown chicks fledge in late summer.

click here for the webcam link and enjoy!

To see these magnificent birds in person, head over near the tennis courts in Stanley Park. Make a day of it by renting a bicycle or rollerblades from one of the many shops between Robson Street and Georgia Street on Denman and heading out along the Stanley Park seawall. Enjoy the ride including the ocean view and fresh air until you hit English Bay and then look for the tennis courts! Read More

Finding more excuses to visit Vancouver

Many people are looking for a getaway from the stressors of everyday life. There is always a way to take a fantastic vacation or even a weekend getaway for a reasonable price. There is so much to do in Vancouver, making it a destination that will please all family members is not hard. If you have decided to stay at the Patricia hotel downtown Vancouver you will be pleasantly satisfied with its convenient location to the shopping centers, attractions and the entertainment. This is fantastic for those that are on a tight budget, as you will not need to rent a car or spend your gas to go to the activities and entertainment that you might have wanted to participate in. You can simply walk to most of the popular tourist attractions and beautiful scenery.

Here are some links to events for you to try this season, from Oktoberfest to Halloween trains for the kids, and off course the BC Lions and Canucks games:

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Historic Downtown Vancouver

The Downtown Eastside is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver and is home to many historical locations such as Chinatown, Gastown and Oppenheimer Park (formerly Japantown). The Patricia Cafe & Patricia Hotel became a part of the history in downtown Vancouver starting in 1914 which, is the same year our former hockey team “The Vancouver Millionaires” started the season that won them the glorious Stanley cup. Downtown Vancouver is known as a primary tourist spot full of life and it’s not hard to see why. With all of the tourism shops, foreign foods, and fantastic communities it’s no wonder Vancouver is considered one of the top travel locations in the world.


The streets in the Downtown Eastside are full of history but there is also a lot of great history packed in the West End of Vancouver (Western Downtown). Just like all of Vancouver the West End was originally nothing more than forested wild. In 1862 the land was purchased by just three men known as the “Three Greenhorns” owing to the belief that these men paid too much for the remote land. Their original intent to mine for porcelain clays was scrapped when they discovered the grade of clay was not of a fine enough grade to produce porcelain. Read More

Vancouver on a budget – Enjoy your vacation without spending a fortune

It’s true… with proper planning you can have a great vacation in Vancouver on a limited budget. Here’s how:

Reserve a hotel with the right location, because that’s going to make or break your stay. Ideally you want to find a clean and comfortable low-budget hotel near downtown Vancouver. The Patricia Hotel comes to mind : ) .

Now that you’ve established a strategically located base of operations, you’re ready to enjoy all the beauty and enchantment that Vancouver and the surrounding areas has to offer. Let’s start with the free stuff:

Since (hypothetically) you are staying at the Patricia Hotel, begin your odyssey by exploring Gastown. Established in 1867, Gastown ultimately became Canada’s third-largest city. Yes, you guessed it… Vancouver. Make sure to check out the steam clock.

Now put on your most comfortable walking shoes and head west along the waterfront from Canada Place to the Stanley Park seawall. At 22 km (13.7 miles), the paved walkway around the circumference of this thousand acre park will help stimulate your appetite. And that’s perfect timing, because once you’re out of the park you’ll find yourself at English Bay and Denman Street. Denman is home to a wide variety of tasty eateries, such as the Park at English Bay, (1755 Davie Street, just east of Denman) where you can experience top-shelf food and a wide selection of craft beers without breaking the bank. Read More