Vancouver on a budget – Enjoy your vacation without spending a fortune

It’s true… with proper planning you can have a great vacation in Vancouver on a limited budget. Here’s how:

Reserve a hotel with the right location, because that’s going to make or break your stay. Ideally you want to find a clean and comfortable low-budget hotel near downtown Vancouver. The Patricia Hotel comes to mind : ) .

Now that you’ve established a strategically located base of operations, you’re ready to enjoy all the beauty and enchantment that Vancouver and the surrounding areas has to offer. Let’s start with the free stuff:

Since (hypothetically) you are staying at the Patricia Hotel, begin your odyssey by exploring Gastown. Established in 1867, Gastown ultimately became Canada’s third-largest city. Yes, you guessed it… Vancouver. Make sure to check out the steam clock.

Now put on your most comfortable walking shoes and head west along the waterfront from Canada Place to the Stanley Park seawall. At 22 km (13.7 miles), the paved walkway around the circumference of this thousand acre park will help stimulate your appetite. And that’s perfect timing, because once you’re out of the park you’ll find yourself at English Bay and Denman Street. Denman is home to a wide variety of tasty eateries, such as the Park at English Bay, (1755 Davie Street, just east of Denman) where you can experience top-shelf food and a wide selection of craft beers without breaking the bank. Read More